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E. Francis Kohler
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That reminds me of H.P. Lovecraft, which is kind of the subject of this interview. From what I understand, he was [also] a very anxious person.

Was he high-strung? Definitely. I think one of the reasons H.P. Lovecraft has increased in only in popularity is he's got that element of paranoia. Like a deep, underlying sense of fear and horror just at the state of being alive. Which I think keeps him popular. The sensation that there are massive, otherwordly tentacles reaching out beyond the veil and manipulating us, that's something everyone can relate to, at least on a subconscious level.

Yes, absolutely. What else do you like about Lovecraft?

He's got a very evocative way with words. There are certain phrases and terms that I've only ever heard from Lovecraft, such as "eldritch." I'm still not sure what exactly that means, but I just associate it with the creeping horrors. It's always eldritch, how he describes it. Also, I like that there's a number of portions of his books where he references unpronounceable languages. He's got the Necronomicon, which is an evil book, and it's written in a jargon that's spoken by hideous demons and that's not pronounceable by man. It mostly consists of consonants, the way it's represented in the books. I've actually taken it upon myself to write a song that uses this unpronounceable language as its lyrics. And I'm gonna sing it at the Trunk Space. So I will be singing a song partially written in an unpronounceable language of ancient, evil gods.

That's . . . amazing. I can't wait to hear that.

I call it "Mountains of Madness" after one of his numbers, er, stories.

What do you think of Phoenix?

I only see a strange side of Phoenix, I think, because in the past, often I'll make it just in time for the show. I basically see that area around Grand Avenue, which seems to be rising like a phoenix from the ashes, but for a while there, it was pretty literally in ashes. Across from the Trunk Space, there was some sort of abandoned school that had become an apocalyptic homeless squat. One summer -- and I'm usually there in the summer, too, so it's usually 100 degrees -- one time I came in and the desert was on fire. There was some sort of thing happening so there was this black, fiery cloud that I emerged through to this apocalyptic scenery and abandoned school and decrepit tiki bar [The Bikini Lounge] which is also a salient point for that block. But then you also have the craft store on the corner [Kooky Kraft Shop] where there's a kind of tree man sitting on the floor, at least there was, which I really enjoyed. So I really only know that block, but for me, that's enough to give someone a sterling recommendation.

Troy Farah can be stalked on that bird thing.

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