Tedeschi Trucks Band the Oldest Type of Supergroup

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Mark Seliger

They're the oldest type of supergroup. Husband-wife team Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks have tightened the screws on their blues-rock for second album, Made Up Mind, loosening the caboose even as they sharpened their focus on song and melody over their 2011 Grammy-winning debut Revelator. The musical pair met when she opened for his band, the Allman Brothers, in '99. They've been together ever since.

We caught up with Tedeschi to learn how life can be easier with more hands on deck and what they plan to do as their Sony deal runs out.

Both you and your husband had separate careers together for more than a decade before Tedeschi Trucks Band. What did you sacrifice to make this happen?

There's sacrifice when it comes to a relationship in general. But I'd say it wasn't as much as sacrifice as just a change. And it's just a different project altogether so you just approach it differently.

But why now - what made this the moment?

I think in 2010 Derek was just ready for a change. He'd had the same band members since he was a kid. He'd never had band outside that band. And that was a great band, but he wanted to grow and do something different, and thought that it was a good time to do it. He asked if I wanted to do it also. It was also the timing. I'm not getting any younger. I figure well lets do it now while I can, so it was just really the timing was right.

Derek has never really been free to do anything between playing with Allman Brothers and [Eric] Clapton and his own band and us having two kids and me being busy with my group. So now it's possible that we can focus on something together and then when we are with the kids we are all together and we're not just ships passing in the night. It's really a nice opportunity to be together as well as to make music together.

Certainly must be nice to not have to carry all the performing/entertaining weight.

Yeah, it's great. It's freed me up to look a things differently too. Where I can really just focus on what I'm doing. Really just pay attention and be in the moment and move with those guys and not have to be the one leading and actually getting to follow, which is kind of fun.

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