Revolver Records Continues In-Store Recording Sessions with Andrew Jackson Jihad and ROAR

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Mandi Kimes
ROAR recorded a song at Revolver Records as part of the store's Recorded In A Record Store series.

Barn. Abandoned hotel. Log cabin. These are just a few locations outside the recording studio that bands have recorded their music. And now: record store.

Jared Cox and TJ Jordan of Revolver Records are the masterminds behind Recorded in a Record Store, a compilation album of local bands who did just that.

"The two of us own a fair amount of vintage mics and preamps," Cox explains. "We wanted to put our gear to use and record bands and artists that we both like. We both thought the idea of recording a band live inside of a record store was really cool."

Cox elaborated by saying that when choosing which bands to feature on the album, he and Jordan picked bands who had played at their store before, whether it be for First Fridays or album releases. And not just any bands, but bands that left an impression. And who are those lucky bands? Well, the first "Recorded in a Record Store," released this past Record Store Day, featured Playboy Manbaby, Cherie Cherie, and Petty Things.

After a substantial amount of interest and positive responses, Cox and Jordan decided to release a second record, this time with Andrew Jackson Jihad and ROAR. So a few Saturdays ago, ROAR filtered into Revolver Records and prepared to do a live, multi-track recording of their song "Hope," for the upcoming release of "Recorded in a Record Store," to be released November 28.

Owen Evans of ROAR had wanted to participate in 'Recorded in a Record Store" because Cox is "such a nice guy." Plus, many friends of the band had participated in previous albums and, as Evans remarks, "if our friends were jumping off bridges..." You get the idea.

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