Exclusive: Watch a Preview of a Documentary on Phoenix Video Game Rapper Mega-Ran

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"I describe it as hip-hop. At its root, it's rap music that isn't afraid to be vulnerable, fun, silly, angry, or imaginative. I'm 'Random' for a reason. I just don't feel like it's easy to categorize."

While keeping that in mind, Random continues to play huge "nerd-oriented" events such as the hugely popular San Diego Comic-Con this past year. During his visit, he managed to rub shoulders with the likes of Simpsons creator Matt Groening, Weird Al Yankovic, and even Wesley Snipes.

"Comic-Con is always nuts, but this year, I had such a full schedule I didn't really get to enjoy the actual con. But the lines are longer than ever and the crowds are crazier, but there's no other place that literally everyone I respect is in the building at once."

After the documentary debuts in Phoenix, Random plans to take the piece out on the road for what he calls a "documentary screening tour." Random explains his plan as the next logical step in his progression as an artist.

"I'm looking into bringing screenings to New York, L.A., Texas, and everywhere in between. I want to bring a new experience to folks who have seen me perform and enjoyed that, so this is the evolution of the live experience."

Random will hit the road next week with fellow Arizona hip-hop star and Murs 3:16 signee Marley B. From there, the self-proclaimed "teacher-rapper-hero" will head overseas with longtime friend, collaborator, and Arizona hip-hop legend Mr. Miranda for a few dates in the United Kingdom.

Mega-Lo-Mania premieres Friday, August 22, at FilmBar. Admission costs $9.

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I've thought it over, I've given the "exclusive" nature of this piece its rightful consideration, and have decided to decline the offer to watch the preview video. I thank you very much, but this does not look interesting at all. not even a little bit. I'd be lying if I posted that I wasn't disappointed with this whole experience at the new times today.

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