Paul McCartney - US Airways Center - 8/12/2014

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Critic's Notebook

Last night: Paul McCartney at US Airways Center.

The crowd: On the floor, it was mostly older couples and families with younger kids. The stands held everyone from all walks of life.

Random notebook dump: "Younger people never saw McCartney pander. We never saw him age, never saw him sell out, be cloying, or make desperate pleas for relevancy. To us, the man was always old. The Beatles were what we knew and loved, and the man's work in the monumentally influential band will always outshine what he did afterward."

Random notebook dump 2: "You can't really get mad at an ex-Beatle for doing something the Beatles did 50 years ago."

Songs he should have played: "Temporary Secretary," "Got to Get You Into My Life," "Oh, Darling!" to name a few.

1) "Eight Days a Week" (Beatles for Sale)

2) "Save Us" (New)

3) "All My Loving" (With the Beatles)

4) "Listen to What the Man Said" ( Wings, Venus and Mars)

5) "Let Me Roll It" (Wings, Band on the Run)

6) Foxy Lady solo section

7) "Paperback Writer" (Single, Revolver era)

8) "My Valentine" (Kisses on the Bottom)

9) "Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five" (Band on the Run

10) "Long and Winding Road" (Let It Be)

11) "Maybe I'm Amazed" (McCartney)

12) "I've Just Seen a Face" (Rubber Soul

13) "We Can Work it Out" (Rubber Soul

14) "Another Day" (Ram)

15) "And I Love Her" (A Hard Day's Night)

16) "Blackbird" (The White Album)

17) "Here Today" (Tug of War)

18) "New" (New)

19) "Queenie Eye" (New)

20) "Lady Madonna" (Single, later released on Hey Jude)

21) "All Together Now" Yellow Submarine

22) "Lovely Rita" (Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band)

23) "Everybody Out There" (New)

24) "Eleanor Rigby" (Revolver)

25) "Being For the Benefit of Mister Kite!" ( Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

26) "Something" (Abbey Road)

27) "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da" (White Album

28) "Band on the Run" (Wings, Band on the Run)

29) "Back in the U.S.S.R." ( The White Album)

30) "Let It Be" (Let It Be)

31) "Live and Let Die" (Wings, Live and Let Die soundtrack)

32) "Hey Jude" (Single)

ENCORE (1 of 2)
33) "Day Tripper" (Single)

34) "Hi, Hi, HI" (Wings, Wings Over America)

35) "Get Back" (Let It Be)

ENCORE (2 of 2)

36) "Yesterday" (Help!)

37) "Helter Skelter" (White Album)

38) "Golden Slumbers" (Abbey Road)

39) "Carry That Weight" (Abbey Road)

40) "The End" (Abbey Road)

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Location Info


Talking Stick Resort Arena (formerly US Airways Center)

201 E. Jefferson St., Phoenix, AZ

Category: Music

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If you'd gone to his LAST Phoenix show in '08, you would have heard "Got to Get You Into My Life".


I guess my question is, did Paul MacCartney want everyone to "feel the kick drum?" I don't believe the venue should be second-guessing the artist by adding sound that isn't part of the composition. 


I was amazed at how great he sounded, but appalled that the sound tech thought every beat of the bass drum should sound like artillery. "The long and winding .... boom!  boom! boom! " What is it about Arizona venues that requires all concerts and songs to sound like pep rallies? If there is one invention of the past 30 years that I could do without, it is the sub-woofer. I would be surprised if MacCartney himself thought his songs would sound lame without the sound and feeling of thunder going off with every beat of the bass drum. For that reason, the short set he did on the small, elevated stage with just guitar was absolutely the best -- no drums to over-amplify. I don't know if other listeners are as bothered by this as I am, but if they are, I hope they start complaining, because I have sworn off concerts until this trend of sub-woofing everything at the bottom ends.


I love live music , Rolling Stones 6 times,The Band , The Who ,U2 a couple of times , Eric Clapton, The Dead and every offshoot over 30 times ,Bob Dylan on and on. At 72 years old , he walked out on Stage armed with arguably the best body of work in Rock and Roll,for the next 3 hours took me on a ride I have waited for since I saw them on Ed Sullivan.Opinions are like ___ Holes , everyone has  got one , Bottom line Everyone who was lucky enough to be US Airways had a night full of music they will not soon forget ! Fabulous !

Amy Horton
Amy Horton

The part where tickets were affordable....oh wait....

MaryAnn Holtz
MaryAnn Holtz

And I really loved Paul singing Blackbird... A favorite of mine

MaryAnn Holtz
MaryAnn Holtz

The time between the first song and the third encore!


"Younger people never saw McCartney pander. We never saw him age, never saw him sell out, be cloying, or make desperate pleas for relevancy".  I agree with brettb31.  This is very rude and, more importantly, mostly false.  He never pandered, he never sold out, and he never made desperate pleas for relevancy.  The only thing he did was age, and anyone who saw last night's show will tell you he's barely done that.

Mandi Kimes
Mandi Kimes

Great job, David Accomazzo! I'm also surprised he didn't play "Jet" or "Silly Love Songs".

Mandi Kimes
Mandi Kimes

Great job, David Accomazzo! I'm also surprised he didn't play "Jet" or "Silly Love Songs".


The comment in your first notebook dump was silly (assuming it came from a younger person in the audience), not to mention disrespectful to the many great songs (among some crap, yes) he wrote after the Beatles. McCartney had some embarrassing moments in the '80s (what '60s giant didn't?), but he never stopped being relevant.


@bisnan It's just the current trend of live mixing that has been going on for quite some time.  They sound guy wants everyone to be able to feel the kick drum.  It didn't bother me.  In fact, it enhanced the more rocking numbers like "Save Us" and "Let Me Roll It".


Cheapest seats were TWENTY FIVE dollars! That's not affordable for you? Sad...


I've seen seven shows in the last 24 years.  This is the first one he didn't do "Jet".  It's usually the second song.

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