Diarrhea Planet: Joke Name, Serious Rock Band

Pooneh Ghana
Diarrhea Planet

Everyone likes a good poop joke now and then -- but Nashville's Diarrhea Planet are quick to point out they are "not a joke band with a joke name. We are a very serious band with a joke name."

The weird moniker was chosen as a "fuck you" to the commercial music types at Belmont University, where the six-piece band formed. Plus, as guitarist (one of four) Jason Smith explained when we called him up, it's better than choosing a serious-sounding name, like Vampire Weekend, then waking up one day and realize it's stupid and means nothing.

"With a silly band name where it's out of the way and you don't have to think about it," Smith says.

In spite of whatever gag-worthy images their name puts in your head, Diarrhea Planet actually takes their craft quite seriously. Indie pop charms funneled through heavy metal puts them somewhere between Wavves and Fidlar with plenty of nods to Black Sabbath, AC/DC and The Ramones. "Ugliest Son" gets sludgy, peppered with themes of sickness and ultimate evil, while "Kids" gets more emotive, exploring the realization that nobody, no matter what age, really has it all figured out.

Their second LP boldly claims they're Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams -- and Diarrhea Planet definitely seem to be living the good life. Having all quit their jobs at Papa John's, where four of the six members were once employed, Smith explained what being rich really means to the band.

"Not necessarily overflowing wealth or anything like that, but I guess being rich is more of a rounded characteristic than just having money," Smiths says. "Having friends and family that are there for you and make you happy. Sort of feeling like you're following your calling ... like you've found your purpose."

Quitting your job to focus solely on your creative project is exciting at first, Smith says, but it can quickly become overwhelming.

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