15 Best Labor Day Parties in Metro Phoenix

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Benjamin Leatherman
El Hefe in Scottsdale.
So watchu got planned for Labor Day weekend? There are more than a few ways to spend all the free time that three-day holiday affords, of course, including barbecues, backyard bashes, and big-time benders.

If you happen to be keen on the nightlife scene, however, there are plenty of high-profile electronic dance music events, DJ gigs, and club parties that are scheduled to go down all three nights of LDW, from Friday, August 29, to Sunday, August 31.

And while most clubs across the Valley will be popping bottles in honor of the holiday, some shindigs will ultimately be better than others, including any of the following 15 pimp parties that will take place over the next 72 hours.

Maya Day & Nightclub

Naturally, Scottsdale will be one of the epicenters of the weekend, especially at Maya Day and Nightclub, 7333 East Indian Plaza, which will feature wall-to-wall fiestas both in and out of the water. Dutch house superstar Fedde Le Grand starts things off with a nighttime set on Friday, August 29, followed by an after-dark performance by NYC electro-house duo Disco Fries on Saturday, August 30. The music gets going at 9 p.m. both nights. And Maya's biggest gig of the weekend will transpire on Sunday, August 31, when the tag team of Alex Andre and Chris Andre, better known as DVBBS, will fill the club's pool area with their big room sound and such hits as "Tsunami" and "We Were Young." Gates open at 11 a.m. Ticket prices vary for each show.

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