5 Best Concerts to See in Phoenix This Weekend

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Jim Louvau
Sara Robinson and the Midnight Special play Crescent Ballroom on Sunday.

We've checked out the calendar, and musically, it seems like summer is coming to end. Musically, at least. From here on out, there are a steady diet of great shows coming to town. Check out our picks below, and browse our comprehensive concert listings if you'd like more options.

The Offspring/Pennywise/Bad Religion - Friday, August 29 - Mesa Amphitheatre

Something about this summer in Phoenix has attracted a wave of has-been bands coming through town on nostalgia tours. Looking at some of the shows that have come through here, you'd be right in thinking it was a different decade -- KISS, Alice Cooper, Def Leppard, Everclear, Soul Asylum, Eve6, Ginuwine, and more have played in the Valley, and that trend continues tonight with the Offspring/Pennywise/Bad Religion concert at Mesa Amphitheatre.

Now, all of these bands have something to offer, and bless their hearts for touring, even though the headliner hasn't released an album since 2012. Because let's be honest -- no one is paying $45 to hear Pennywise play songs from All Or Nothing. This tour is all about the good ol' days, the days when you bought CDs in stores and "discovered" new bands on MTV. And when you listen back to listen to these bands' hits, songs like "Come Out and Play (Keep 'em Separated)", "Self Esteem," "Fuck Authority," "Sorrow" and "American Jesus," you realize why these bands got popular in the first place, and it's easy to slip into memories of where you were in life the first time (of many) you heard these songs. --David Accomazzo


Electrisad - Friday, August 29 - Trunk Space

Electrisad has had a very punctuated emergence as a fixture in the Phoenix scene.

The band's music is, on the surface, simple synth-pop with soft melodic vocals, but there is a pervasive and nuanced sentimentality to it. It sounds like angst and heartbreak in a way that evokes the music selection on a John Hughes soundtrack. Choruses like "everything I love turns to dust," are delivered in a way that belie any kind of melodrama lyrics like that would normally imply. It's subdued but also kind of cheery. --Mike Bogumil

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You failed to mention the Dropdead/Landmine Marathon show August 30th. A spectacle to have witnessed!

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