Best Concerts to See in Phoenix This Weekend

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Sheryl Crow will join Rascal Flatts at Ak-Chin Pavilion tonight.

Sure, the pickings are a little slim this weekend for live music. But there's still some great stuff around town, so check out our selections if you need a little help choosing what to do. And if you want a more comprehensive list, be sure to visit our full concert listings.

Rascal Flatts/Sheryl Crow/Gloriana - Friday, August 15 - Ak-Chin Pavilion

If corporate rock of the '70s and '80s has a modern contemporary, it's Rascal Flatts. While, granted, there's far more twang accompanying this Nashville outfit's ballads, the group trades in the kind of earnest, rubber-stamped sentimentality that once propelled bands like Toto and Journey on songs like "Without Your Love" and "Send Her My Love," where every matter of the heart is conveyed via bittersweet melodies and harmonies. Yeah, critics hate this stuff. Fans, however, love it: When frontman Gary LeVox sings of the voice mail on a cell phone "that he don't dare erase/She ended with 'I love you'/He saves it just in might still be true,' he's singing about their lives, and he's doing so with an air of believability. This isn't matters of the art, but, in fact, matters of the heart. -- Dave Herrera

D-Low Memorial Show - Friday, August 15 - Marquee Theatre

Typically held in August, the D-Low show is a double-edged sword for many of us. It is both celebration and painful reminder wrapped in a tremendous rock 'n' roll show that Dana "D-Low" Wells, son (and stepson) of Gloria and Max Cavalera would have loved.

For the uninitiated, Dana was killed in an extremely questionable traffic accident on August 16, 1996, at the age of 21, which is where the painful reminder kicks in because, to many of us, Dana was a little brother, either by blood or by love for music, or both. His story has been well documented, and the question of what actually happened during those fateful early morning hours remains a mystery to this day. Regardless of the circumstances, though, the fact remains that the "tribe" to which Dana belonged comes together on a yearly basis to celebrate his memory with what is always one of the best metal shows of the year.

This year's show is the 18th annual show and is always a family affair. Local metal shredders Soulfly, which of course is led by Wells' enigmatic step-father Max Cavalera, but also features his younger brother Zyon on drums this year, is the perpetual headlining act, but the additions of brother Richie's up-and-coming band, Incite, as well as Lody Kong, which features both Zyon and Igor Cavalera, truly makes this D-Low memorial special. --Tom Reardon

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Mark Hernandez
Mark Hernandez

Mine at the Marquee ..Soulfly and Psyphen!!! See you there

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