Arizona's ManniFEST and Southwest Terror Fest Bring Local Metal to the Masses This Fall

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Phoenix's Splatterkill is scheduled to perform on Saturday, September 6, during ManniFEST 2014 at the Rogue Bar in Scottsdale.
Heshers, hard rock fans, and metalheads alike have a lot to look forward to in the weeks and months ahead. Besides much-anticipated upcoming concerts by such living legends as Judas Priest and Slayer, the fall also bring with it the annual Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival, the debut of Rob Zombie's Great American Nightmare in Scottsdale (including an opening night performance by the man himself), and a ton of new albums scheduled to be released.

And on the local level, there's also a surfeit of shows around Arizona that the black t-shirt brigade should be hitting up and rocking out at, including two homegrown heavy metal festivals that are right around the corner -- ManniFEST 2014 and the latest Southwest Terror Fest.

So why are these two events so special? Easy. Both fests have been put on by Arizona heavy metal fans and musicians for the last three years, and are dedicated to bringing the best underground music to light. And that's always a cause for celebration, right?

Case in point: ManniFEST, which takes place on Saturday, September 6, at the Rogue Bar in Scottsdale, is put on by Kill Death Productions, a promotions company dedicated to some of the most brutal metal around -- and I mean bru-tal. The founder, Manuel Jimenez, decided to make this year extra pumped up by combining the festival with his own birthday celebration.

This year's ManniFEST is bigger than in previous years and includes at total of 19 bands from Arizona, California and Colorado. It starts promptly at noon, and -- get this -- the cover is only a fiver. That's right. Five dollars.

If you're someone who looks at a festival schedule and aren't too familiar with some of the acts, leading you to assume that they aren't any good, let me clarify for you: There are a handful of must-see acts on this bill. Like, say, headliner Genocaust, a Tucson-based band that combines the best elements of old and new death metal: fast-paced tempos, groove, insane speed and double bass, for example.

Splatterkill is another band I love, mostly because they have killer lyrical content based on horror. And Meathook reminds me of a mix of Morbid Angel and Portal. Native American death metal band Unleashing the Catastrophe, Phoenix's Excystation, and Atoll round out my list of favorites on the festival's lineup.

However, if you're curious about the other acts, ManniFEST also has Meatcleaver Amputation, Zeohn, Cranial Engorgement, Oppressor God, Los Diableros, Fetal Disgorge, Sadmasochist, Cranial Defecation, Magguts, Six Million Dead, Colpolscopy, and Despise the Sun.

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Rogue Bar

423 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, AZ

Category: Music

Rialto Theatre

318 E. Congress, Tucson, AZ

Category: Music

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