2ToneDisco on Their Chiptune Sounds, Crazy Performances, and Reasons for Moving to L.A.

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2ToneDisco @ Sungod from DONSLENS on Vimeo.

What's been the biggest moment of your careers thus far?

Campbell: Probably the [Sun God] Festival with Juicy J.

Rutledge: I'd say Sungod just because I'd never played a festival like that.

Campbell: Yeah, it was crazy being on this massive stage and the festival vibes.

Have any big DJs or producers noticed your stuff?

Campbell: We actually had Martin Solveig reply about our most recent release called "PBR." He seemed to really dig it, we hope he plays it out sometime. He was asking for tracks for his Tomorrowland set. We sent him an e-mail with it. It's also really cool to hear the reactions from the resident DJs and the up and comers.

How come you are leaving Phoenix for L.A.?

Campbell: To grow as artists. We love the friends and all the opportunities given to us in Phoenix.

What will you miss the most?

Campbell: I think ill probably miss the friends I have made here.

Rutledge: I personally will miss the cost of living.

Campbell: And the familiarity of the place. There is always that, too.

What's your biggest accomplishment with 2ToneDisco?

Campbell: I honestly think all the releases and the music we have pushed out. I really think that is what matters most, I think we are just hitting the surface of our potential and I'm excited to see where it goes.

Rutledge: I think it was "Catnip." That track got a lot of exposure and I feel like it's the only track that people I'll meet for the first time know.

Campbell: Yeah, if you put it in a single achievement, I'd agree with Omni. Just when people are singing along to something that doesn't even have words at your show, you have done something.

Are you at all worried you'll be small fishes in a big pond?

Campbell: Well, we are lucky enough to have friend in California doing big things already. But it's kind of humbling to be small fishes in a big pond. [It] lets you push harder and in different ways then before.

Rutledge: Yeah. [It] forces you to grow.

So now that y'all are about to put Phoenix in the rearview, what's some advice to the DJ scene that you'd like to impart?

Campbell: Be humble, work on your music, think outside of Phoenix. Don't just toss it aside though, just think bigger picture and enjoy the moment you are in and the people you are with.

2ToneDisco are scheduled to perform on Saturday, August 16, at Crescent Ballroom, and on Friday, August 22, at Gypsy Bar.

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