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Oxford Coma

The guys in Phoenix rock band the Oxford Coma can't stand that image is important to making it in the music business, that you often need a certain aesthetic for a specific demographic to achieve success, and that you might have to act in a way you're not passionate about to garner fans. Hence, you'll sometimes see them wear nothing but underwear on stage, revolting against cool-kid wardrobe choices -- even if that makes them more gimmicky than they really want to be.

"There's an inherent irony of being in a rock band, which is what our song 'Tradition' is about," says singer/guitarist Billy Tegethoff. "So much of it is built up around maintaining a certain image and looking cool and all this role-playing nonsense, which we do because that's what being a part of a band is about. We're three grown men who get on stage and try to entertain people."

The Oxford Coma members still strive to put on visually stimulating shows that go beyond their half-naked bodies on display. The group uses video projections of psychedelic, abstract artwork and band clips, plus a light show and occasional body paint.

"A lot of my favorite bands incorporate a very visually stimulating concert, and it adds quite a bit to the performance," Tegethoff says. "It takes the focus off us and gives people something to focus on while they're listening to the music."

The trio, which includes bassist/vocalist James Williams and drummer Anthony Chamberlain, is excited to play new tracks from their upcoming six-song EP, Morphine, to be released this fall by the lineup. Listeners will hear influences of Tool, Primus, Nirvana, and the Mars Volta, with lyrics inspired by everything from politics to family tragedy.

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