Diners Taps Classic Pop Music for New LP

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Logan Green
Diners are scheduled to perform Thursday, July 3, at Trunk Space.
Songwriter Tyler Broderick has a knack for discussing big themes in a small way.

"I've been here before / And I'll be here again," he sings on "Wide Range," the opening song from Always Room, his second album with pop outfit Diners. It's a line True Detective's Rust Cohle might spit, but Broderick delivers it with the melodic grace of the Beach Boys, Electric Light Orchestra, or Big Star.

There are couplets like this -- at once sweeping in scope and minute in detail -- all over Always Room. The band's first record, Throw Me a Ten, was a charming, smartly executed introduction, but Always Room makes good on all the promise and potential of that record.

"I learned a lot about songwriting and production while working on Throw Me a Ten. It was a blast to take a new batch of songs and apply that knowledge," Broderick explains via e-mail.

The album's styles and moods are many: "Citrus" recasts Fleetwood Mac's '70s pomp as scrappy pop punk; "Could Be Real" is pure romance, with warped synths and skittered percussion adding to its lightheaded groove; "Cool Kids" is patiently funky, a make-out jam about sincerity vs. oppressive indie rock irony.

All the while, Broderick explores big feelings in the close-ups. "If it's so gigantic, how can you live it?" he sings on the album's cresting closer, "Overcasters," concluding, "I was not humbled by its size, I was afraid of what it could do to me."

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