Who Needs a Singer? When You Play Harmonica Like Bob Corritore, You Don't

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Guitarist Jimmie Vaughan, who recently performed in Phoenix, performs on two songs, "Mr. Tate's Advice" and "Shuff Stuff."

"I was thrilled that I was able to hang out with Jimmie and feed off his cool. He seduces you with his guitar. His guitar is groovy, jazzy and down home at the same time," Corritore says. "I'm a fan of Jimmie's and I've followed the progression of his career."

Papa John Defrancesco performs his cool groovy organ on the same two tracks as Vaughan. He plays the B3 organ using his foot to come up with the bass sound.

Doug James on saxophone is on three tracks including the opening number, "Potato Stomp," which lets the listeners know this is upbeat instrumental blues. Some saxophones can just be over the top as they wail without a tune. Not James. He hits it just right as it's tuneful and easy to enjoy. James has played with the iconic Roomful of Blues and Duke Robillard. He also plays with Vaughan.

Kedar Roy, on upright bass and Richard Innes on drums fit right in; they regularly play with Watson and Kaplan. Corritore said these musicians play almost effortlessly and he was afraid he wouldn't be up to the task of meeting their expectations, but once they were in the studio they made it fun.

Brian Fahey, on drums, nailed it on the "Shuff Stuff," which is a Vaughan blues shuffle. Fahey has played with Corritore in the Rhythm Room All-Stars and they have performed together in Sweden a couple times.

"We've been working together for 30 years and he's just solid. He knows how to put the accent on the music, how to follow it and how to complete it," Corritore said.

On this shuffle, Fahey's job was to drive the music back and forth between the instruments.

Taboo's target was a palatable collection of songs to keep the listeners interest and the CD hits that mark.

"In the blues, we are no more or no less than we are. This is my brand of the blues and I leave it to the listeners to judge," he says.

Bob Corritore is scheduled to play the Rhythm Room with The Fremonts on Friday, July 18.

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Will Passinault
Will Passinault

I remember his radio blues show in Phoenix in the 80's

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