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Lady Gaga brings her Artpop Ball to US Airways Center on Wednesday, July 30.
It's coming -- and there's little, if anything, you can do to stop it. The dog days of summer? Nope, although those are due this month, too. We're referring to the imminent invasion of throwback acts, nostalgia tours, and long-in-the-tooth musicians who take to the road come summertime, and there's a major glut of them due in Phoenix in July.

That's not a slight, of course, since many of these wizened performers (Boz Scaggs, Steely Dan, Jurrassic 5) are considered living legends who served as the progenitors of current sounds and are still dug by millions. You'll find them dotting our concert calendar and mixed in with theother must-see bands and musicians to see at Valley venues this month.

Hans Olson's Birthday Party - Wednesday, July 3 - Rhythm Room

Hans Olson arrived in Phoenix from San Bernadino, California, in the late '60s, not long after many of the town's musical rising stars -- like Alice Cooper and Mike Condello -- had departed for bigger cities. With self-deprecating wit, the guitarist, songwriter, and blues harp-blower says there was no one else around to keep him from becoming the city's biggest musical name. Since that time, Olson has shared stages with Muddy Waters, offered Tom Waits a couch to crash on when the hobo-like singer bummed into town in the '70s, and helped open the Sun Club, which would become instrumental in launching acts like the Gin Blossoms. Olson himself has kept busy recording, too: His 2013 album, Dust to Dust, simmers with a distilled variation of the blues energy he's put to tape since arriving in Phoenix. It's a record that sounds very "Phoenix," from a man who's furthered the legacy of his adopted hometown. -- Robrt Pela

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Scott Adams
Scott Adams

Working on it Haley Jackson...I hope so too. :)

Haley Jackson
Haley Jackson

Scott Adams they seriously skipped over Chevelle wtf. Are you shooting that show? I sure hope so!!

Tricia Bogumill
Tricia Bogumill

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