Tucson Band Animus Divine Thinks Future Is Bright for Arizona Metal

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Heavy metal and hip-hop hybrid outfit Animus Divine (AD) is one of many low-profile and yet highly talented bands operating in the scorching deserts of Arizona. Based out of Tucson, the streetcore musicians have their eye on the prize to master the entertainment industry, but AD lead singer Chuck Clark acknowledges the hardships of pushing music professionally when he notes: "playing music is just what I do -- if I was in it for the money I would have quit a long time ago."

After disbanding for several years, AD chose to regroup and make the grown-up decision to hire a publicist and assembling a behind the scenes crew to tailor and push their music into more ears for the release of their upcoming album NOVO.

Now, AD's sonic assault of high-energy and hard hitting instrumentals blended with vocal power demanding the listener's attention -- described by Clark as a heavy Rage Against the Machine meets Beastie Boys -- is slowly but surely churning out larger audiences.

The creative direction for NOVO seems to be what the band needed. The explosively groovy EP is a short and sweet adrenaline shot to the veins, showcasing the band's maturation from their 2011 album, Sorrow. And AD would like to see this album be part of a trending cultural wave that they believe is on the horizon, due to carry the Arizona metal scene into the world of a mainstream audience.

"There are a lot of hungry bands, and a lot of talent out [in Arizona]," Clark says. "We have some great producers and engineers, so all the pieces are in place. It's just a matter of the wave actually coming."

The latest break for AD recently came with the band's victory in the Tucson Sumerian Battle for Summer Slaughter. Now, audiences can see them sharing the stage with national touring acts like Morbid Angel, Dying Fetus and The Faceless -- to name a few -- when the Summer Slaughter Tour comes to the Nile Theater this Sunday, July 20.

Up on the Sun spoke with Animus Divine singer Chuck Clark prior to their Summer Slaughter Tour appearance to get the scoop on their latest album, making it as a musician in Arizona, and supporting local music.

Tell me about the Summer Slaughter Tour and the battle of the bands.

Chuck Clark: Yeah, well when we started playing again, we got a call from a local promoter who was working with all the Sumerian Records guys. He asked us to play for exposure and said we shouldn't worry about the contest because Summer Slaughter is a lot heavier than us. So, we were really shocked when we ended up winning the thing.

We got a guaranteed date on the Summer Slaughter and we ended up being able to get another date with them, so we're turning it into a little tour. We'll see what happens with that.

We were disbanded for about two years. Some of us had kids, we lost a member, and I had left to do a cappella rap battles for a couple years. I was doing events out in Philly, New York and Cali. Then, we wanted to get back together, and things have been buzzing more than ever for us.

Is there a band you are most excited to play with on that tour?

You know, Morbid Angel is really awesome -- I've always listened to them as a kid. We have some death metal influences. They are very subtle, but they are there and we all love death metal. So, Morbid Angel is amazing.

I really don't think we fit the bill as well as we could, but we've altered our set to keep up with all of the heaviness. People are calling us a heavy Rage Against the Machine or a heavy Beastie Boys. It's kind of interesting, but it's funny how death metal crowds are into NWA and a lot of the underground rap stuff, so I think we might do alright.

So you are tailoring your set a little bit to the Summer Slaughter show? What will you do to make Animus Divine the band that people walk away talking about?

Well, we don't want to [stray] from who we are too much -- we still want people to see who we are, and not give them a false representation. We have our first album, Sorrow, which is a lot heavier, and we have a few unreleased tracks that are a lot heavier. So what we're going to do is not really play anything off of our new album, and instead play older or unreleased material that is more suited for the bill.

It's a really heavy tour -- every band is insanely heavy, technical and crazy, and we're really groove oriented. We're heavy too, but we're not technical thrashing shredders or anything like that. We like to make people's heads move from start to finish.

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Best band in Tucson... Put on some of the best shows I have ever seen! Bright future for this band. Check them out if you have never heard of them!

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