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In summertime, when we put together this list of best shows to see in Phoenix on any given weekend, we don't have very many options. It can be slim pickings for live music around here when it hits triple digits. Not this week. There are more concerts than you could possibly hope to see this weekend, and many of them are good. So consider the following seven shows the cream of the crop, and the following as honorable mentions: The Game/E-40 at Celebrity Theatre, ETC!ETC! at the Pressroom, Motley Crue and Alice Cooper at Ak-Chin Pavilion, Flotsam and Jetsam at Club Red, Brubek Brothers at the Musical Instrument Museum Theater, and Burning Palms/Freaks of Nature/Cherie Cherie at Lost Leaf.

Don't believe us? Browse our comprehensive concert listings and see for yourself.

The Lovelost - Friday, July 18 - Tempe Tavern
Wednesday, July 23 - Yucca Tap Room in Tempe

A few weeks back, writing about the Lovelost, I suggested that this bilingual, multi-instrumental indie band based in Phoenix filled a void in our music scene, namely a dearth of romantic music. That in a scene largely filled with old-school punk, hardcore, rap, and trendy indie music, the existence of songs about actual romance (once the boon of Tin Pan Alley) was in short supply. Thankfully, it was an assertion that Ixchel del Castillo and Frank Ippolito, the founders of the group (and a couple, to boot) didn't object to. And neither did our faithful readers, including one romantic fellow who was so buoyed by the news that he immediately commented with a URL that told the secret of how to earn $9,657 in four weeks on the Internet, money lots of lovers could probably use. But lest you think every song is some "say something nice" byproduct of couple counseling sessions, reflect on the fact that the band is called the Lovelost, so there is an emotional tug of war going on in songs like the Latin sung "Peregrina" and "Ready to Hear You," tracks off the band's only album, Foreign. Asked to describe the band in more musical terms, uke and guitalele player Ippolito says, "We are a bit different-sounding. You know, we're not that head-pounding band nor are we a dance band. We are somewhere in between." --Serene Dominic

Black Pussy - Friday, July 18 -Yucca Tap Room

Trust us, don't try to google "Black Pussy," at least not at work. Moving on, Black Pussy is a band from Portland, Oregon, and they make raw, unfiltered stoner rock. There's no bells or whistles here, just relentlessly heavy riffs and deep, catchy hooks. The other times we've seen Black Pussy, the band has surrounded itself with killer local support, and this show at Yucca will be no exception. Mothership from Texas is on tour with the band, but locals Flying Scorpion and Fuzz Evil will open the night, the former hard rock ambassadors, the latter chunky stoner fuzz. --David Accomazzo

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