6 New Songs by Phoenix Musicians You Should Hear

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Courtesy of Scattered Melodies
Scattered Melodies partyin' it up

"Runnin," Scattered Melodies

Scattered Melodies is a unique Valley band in that the drum/bass duo uses a variety of singers on their albums and at their live shows. The duo is aiming to finish their second album by early next year to take it to South By Southwest in Austin, and listeners can expect new and a few returning voices on the upcoming album.

"The album will have a general theme of how we as humans need to work together to create the world we all want to live in, not one that is created for us to only benefit people at the top," says Scattered Melodies drummer Josh Montag.

To help them finish up the full-length, Scattered Melodies recently released an EP, called Summer Sampler. Ten percent of the proceeds from the EP will be donated to an elementary school's music program, Montag says, and you can learn more about the album fundraiser here.

The group's current single, "Runnin," is a story about a man who is always on the run and afraid to commit to anything. The track features four local singers -- Parker Jones, Anamieke Quinn, Laura Hamlin and Ruca, in a call-and-response-type track about a man who's constantly on the run from relationships.

"When I write songs, I like to create characters and develop situations, sometimes things I've gone through, and others completely made-up, like this one," Montag says. "When I gave Parker the lyrics for the song, he had the idea of having the girl backup vocals doing a call-and-response type of vibe. The three girls sing throughout the EP as backup singers."

"I hope people who have been in similar situations can relate to the song, and others can just rock out to all the crazy vocals, guitars and saxophone going on throughout."

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