5 Best Concerts to See in Phoenix This Week

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Chris Victorio

Don't let the haboob slow you down. It might be monsoon season, but that just means slightly cooler temps when you go to check out some sweet live music at night. Check out the following six shows if you're looking for something to do, and don't be afraid to check out our comprehensive concert listings for an exhaustive list.

Bob Weir and RatDog - Monday, July 7 - Celebrity Theatre

Bob Weir's contributions to the Grateful Dead might not be as obvious as those of lead singer/guitarist Jerry Garcia or as flashy and inspiring as bassist Phil Lesh. But the rhythm guitarist wrote and sang many of the legendary band's most notable songs, including "Sugar Magnolia" and "Throwing Stones." Garcia's death did little to slow down Weir, and his post-Dead days have been just as busy as they were when Jerry was alive and well. In recent years, his energy has gone towards Furthur, the project he fronted with Lesh, and RatDog, his solo band. He brings the latter to Celebrity Theatre tonight, and it's a must-see for the Phoenix jam-band fan. --David Accomazzo

Ted Nugent - Tuesday, July 8 - Celebrity Theatre

History has proven that Ted Nugent is one of the most polarizing and controversial figures in the entertainment industry. It's hard to discuss him as just a musician with the bevy of racially charged, political and extremely in-your-face opinionated tirades he has gone on throughout the years. And yet, as such, Nugent still remains the entertainment anomaly. People have come to expect the answers he will give whenever he is questioned, but are still thrown for a loop when he begins communicating in similes and wildly vivid imagery; partly related to the topic at hand and partly addressing far-off thoughts in his own mind.

There is no middle ground with Nugent. He has an army of dedicated fans and an army of people who despise him -- he doesn't compromise his own path to appease either side. The man is a monstrous force of belligerent original thought, rocking music, unbridled dedication to his beliefs, and he embodies the fearless beast that many wish they could become when it pertains to taking a firm stand on their own moral ground. Nugent will not bend or break for anything, and after 50 years of loudly voicing his opinions publicly, he is more than familiar with the backlash. But every person he infuriates, every time he forces his opposition's skin to crawl, is a check mark in the win column in the mind of the Motor City Madman. --Caleb Haley

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