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Michael Ging
Amanda Soares

"Mulher Moderna," Amanda Soares

"Mulher Moderna" maybe be sung in Portuguese, but any listener can enjoy singer Amanda Soare's take on the power of modern, independent women making a difference in the Valley.

"'Mulher Moderna' is a song about contemporary women," Soares says, "not just the women who can multitask and have a career while raising a family, but the women of today who embrace their power to its fullest and are not afraid to let their light shine. They're the women who embrace their femininity and compassionate nature, but also stand their ground, who empower themselves and those around them to be their best."

"This song talks about a woman's ability to be confident and firm, yet graceful; to create and destroy; to have the balance of strength and softness only women can achieve. It was inspired largely by my mom, who was a single mom and has always been an example of resilience and dignity."

Check out a performance of the song by Soares at the Songwriters' Showcase XI at the Tempe Center for the Arts below, and see her live Friday, November 21 at the Tempe Center for the Arts.

Fairy Bones

"Whipping Boy," Fairy Bones

For being about something so negative, "Whipping Boy" by Fairy Bones is still a song that can get you dancing and singing along. Singer/pianist Chelsey Louise says the song is all about self-deprecation and desperation, inspired by her making the same mistakes. There's light at the end of the song, though: "Repentance can be easily bought if you just write a pirate shanty about it."

Support Louise on her mission to get over her wrongs by checking out the song, and check out the band's crowdfunding campaign for its upcoming album here. The band plays Rogue Bar in Scottsdale, Friday, August 8.

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