Top 5 Moments from Talking Heads' Concert Film Stop Making Sense

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Talking Heads and Jonathan Demme's Stop Making Sense returns to theaters in honor of its 30th anniversary

Stop Making Sense turned 30 this year, and in honor of the anniversary, The Talking Heads' legendary concert film is returning to theaters, and will screen this Sunday at Phoenix Center for the Arts.

Presented by No Festival Required, the Valley's top microcinema producer, the screening, like the film, won't quite be traditional. According to the press release, beer, wine, and snacks will be available for purchase prior to the screening, and "spontaneous singing and dancing is encouraged" inside the 230-seat theater.

In anticipation of this exciting event, we've compiled our top five moments from a film filled with exciting ones.

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5. The "Big Suit"

Perhaps the most iconic image of Stop Making Sense is David Byrne, perched uncomfortably in his oversized suit, moving it as much as he moves within it. The frontman arrives first as a comically disproportionate shadow, before shimmying his way into the shot, feigning confidence and style while dressed in a strangely misshapen outfit.

In an attempt to show "swagger," Byrne almost appears to be mocking the very idea of sexual confidence. The frontman even breaks the fourth wall, at one point offering the microphone to an onstage cameraman, softening his glance into the lens. It would seem there is no more indicative statement of artistic intent and audience play for Talking Heads than with David Byrne and his choice of suit for the stage.

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Phoenix Center for the Arts

1202 N. 3rd St., Phoenix, AZ

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Steve Weiss
Steve Weiss

No Festival Required Independent Cinema thanks you for giving us the attention! STOP MAKING SENSE: TALKING HEADS is right now the only AUTHORIZED Valley screening of this important film. :-)


The best, albeit staged, concert film ever made.

Marilyn Ostrow
Marilyn Ostrow

saw it when it came out - highly recommend if you haven't seen it.



include Cities this time around.

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