Top 5 Concerts To See In Metro Phoenix This Week, 6/2 - 6/5

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Mary McCartney
Hugh Laurie

At the this this was written, it was 104 degrees in Phoenix, with a projected high of 110.

Summer is coming.

Since we all know that ignorance is bliss when it comes to Phoenix summers, here are five concerts, all in climate-controlled, air conditioned environments, that will make you forget you live in the middle of an inhospitable desert.

And if none of these suggestions strike a chord, you can check out our comprehensive concert listings for more options.

Trans Am - Monday, June 2 - Crescent Ballroom

History owes as much to accident as it does to ambition. Take the story of how Washington, D.C.-rooted (mostly) instrumental rock trio Trans Am became a pioneering name in a hot new genre because of someone else's negligence.

"We did have a singer -- a friend of ours -- and he would never show up for rehearsal, so we kicked him out at one point," drummer/keyboardist Sebastian Thomson says, rewinding to around 1993. "We had gotten used to the three of us just playing as bass, drums, and guitar. Nobody was really singing in rehearsal at all, so we thought, 'Oh, well, maybe this is fine as it is.'"

By following those instincts, Trans Am unwittingly became one of the earliest examples of a post-rock band. Music journalist Simon Reynolds coined the descriptor "post-rock" in 1994 to characterize a wave of underground-friendly groups who trafficked in experimental, instrumental rock. The term was quickly applied to the likes of Trans Am, Don Caballero, Ui, and Tortoise; the latter's style would lay the most significant foundation for how post-rock would be interpreted in the years to come. --Reyan Ali

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Mesa Arts Center
Mesa Arts Center

Thanks for the shout out! We're super excited for Hugh Laurie tomorrow night!

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