The 5 Most Overplayed Songs at EDM Festivals

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Timothy Norris

By Sarah Purkrabek

Electric Daisy Carnival goes down this weekend in Las Vegas. We'll be providing coverage as the weekend progresses, never fear.

But will you be there yourself? If you are, expect to hear, well, lots of songs you've heard before. In fact, whether it's Hard, Coachella, or countless other big EDM festivals, we're getting a bit tired of these moments of musical déjà vu.

Here, then, are the five most overplayed songs at festivals today.

5. Krewella - "Alive"

We understand why Krewella made a big splash when they came on the scene: They're the pretty girls (and one guy) who play monster dubstep.

But their original hit, "Alive" is played so often still at shows that's it's no longer nostalgic - it's boring.

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It's sad that electronic music has turned into pop, otherwise this kind of thing wouldn't happen.

a remix of that turn down or what song got played by all  three djs at talking stick when bad boy bill played

Cameron Poe
Cameron Poe

I don't like my chances of hearing those songs at local clubs. Terrible reporting.

Jon Averyt
Jon Averyt

I had never heard 3 of those songs. #old

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