The Western in Scottsdale to Close After This Weekend

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Evie Carpenter
Say farewell to The Western, pardner.
The Western is headed for its last roundup, y'all. The stylish Scottsdale bar/restaurant/music venue, which has been open about a year and change, will apparently be closing after one final show on Sunday night.

An e-mail announcing it's shuttering was sent out this morning by the joint's PR person with the somewhat cheeky subject line "Cowboy...Down! The Westerner [sic] is closing this Sunday."

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The attached press release hints that the closure is due is due to a lack of business and states that The Western, which opened in May 2013 and is co-owned by local restaurateur Tucker Woodbury and concert promoter Charlie Levy of Stateside Presents fame, will be immediately rebranded into a barcade called The King that will open at the end of the month.

When a joint called The Western can't make it in the "West's Most Western Town," it might be time to throw in the towel. And that's just what Tucker Woodbury and [Charlie] Levy, the team behind the Old Town western-themed watering hole and countless other restaurants like The Vig, Crescent Ballroom and Little Woody is going to do following this Sunday's dinner service.

Woodbury told us last year prior to The Western's opening that it was inspired in part by the bygone Scottsdale saloon Rockin' Horse that he operated in the '90s. As such, The Western featured live music of the country, Americana, and blues variety (much like its predecessor) and different indie bands and performers that were booked by Stateside and affiliated local promoter "Psyko" Steve Chilton.

"We thought we could recreate the magic of the old Rockin' Horse and the success we've had with live music at Crescent," Woodbury states in the aforementioned press release. "We're proud of our efforts -- we built a beautiful venue and booked some incredible bands, but for whatever reason, we never quite gained the traction we had hoped for."

Psyko Steve will have the honor of putting on the last show at The Western, as alt-folk/ Americana musician Adam Faucett will still be performing there on Sunday night.

Several upcoming Stateside shows were booked to perform at The Western in the coming weeks and months, including Star Anna, Matrimony, Jessica Lee Mayfied, and Lee Bains III and the Glory Fires.

Jeremiah Gratza of Stateside told us via e-mail that they are currently searching for new venues around town for each of the concerts.

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The Western - CLOSED

6830 E. 5th Ave., Scottsdale, AZ

Category: Music

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Jim Grant
Jim Grant

Prolly jinxed by dumbass John Boehner's recent visit there!! That, and their business model is ALL WRONG! This place is interesting but doomed from the start!

Chris Kern
Chris Kern

This is disappointing! This was our favorite place to listen to live country music in the Valley!

Arizona Patients Choice
Arizona Patients Choice

This place was fun and its too bad the market did not come out. Great food, prices, service, and not like the rest of Scottsdale.

Theresa Holm Kleinlein
Theresa Holm Kleinlein

I'm not a bar owner or operator so I'm not going to act like an expert on the topic of bar closings, , but a barcade sounds awesome. Can't wait to see the King in that spot.

Steve Conrad
Steve Conrad

I'm definitely saddened by this news. I love the Western and they were one of the few places offering live music almost every night. And the ONLY place in Scottsdale. I also used to go to the Rockin' Horse - both the one on Indian School and then on Stetson and this place had similar vibe that I always liked (and where the whole swing revival of the 1990's started in AZ). The news came as quite a surprise but I hope they have more success when they re-open, hopefully this time with a big lit up sign so people can see it at night. Good luck to you, Tucker and Charlie, you guys both know how to run great bars and I appreciate you giving nightly live music a shot in Scottsdale.

Michael Kissenger
Michael Kissenger

It is sad when ever a place closes. And yes the economy has a part in it closing. If people don't go they can't stay open.

Ari Leopold
Ari Leopold

i see local music on a weekly basis and i had never heard of the western. go figure

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