Skrillex Performs on Phoenix-Created Art Car, Kalliope, at Bonnaroo

Mike Greene
Skrillex graced Kalliope for a surprise sunrise set at Bonnarroo this past weekend.

People that have never been to music festivals may think it's an easy, thoughtless experience. You just show up and party. Well, that's somewhat true. But it takes endurance.

Eighty thousand people gathered across a 700-acre farm in Manchester, Tennessee, this past weekend for the 13th annual Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival.

Locat art car/driveable stage Kalliope teamed with Bonnaroo this year as an after-hours stage for dance music and as the sound system for the World Cup.

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Kalliope is an "art car," an old automobile that a Phoenix-based team, The Walter Project, converted into an impressive sound stage and performance vehicle. Equipped with lights, state-of-the-art audio capabilities, and more, it's a mobile party box, and it attracted its fair share of attention. At night, Kalliope wooed not just the DJs the Walter Project brought with it to perform, but national talent as well.

Skrillex performed a surprise sunrise set Sunday morning. Quickie Mart performed earlier in the night.

Bonnaroo is an experience. This was my first time ever heading to The Farm, as they call it, and I have to say it's unlike anything I've ever done. I'll use Coachella as a point of reference, because I feel like more people in the Valley have been to Coachella, and it's the closest thing to Bonnaroo we have in America.

Amanda Savage

Coachella has nothing on Bonnaroo, not only when it comes to the heat and weather conditions like humidity and rain, but when it comes to it's immense size, performances and overall vibes -- Bonnaroo is all about the positive vibes -- "radiate positivity" and high-fives being a common theme of the festival.

If a person can be completely happy after waiting eight to 10 hours to get into the festival, getting two hours of sleep each night, being covered in a layer of sweat and grime while engulfed in the aroma of feces baking in portable toilets -- that says a lot. Drugs definitely help. I don't do drugs, but I definitely spent a lot of my time in the beer tent, and I'm not sure how much I could have endured without being slightly drunk throughout most of the weekend.

Mike Greene

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I live 20 minutes from the farm and love it, the surprise sunrise show was AWESOME *HIGH FIVE*


cant wait for the burn this year kalliope!  last year you were legend!

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