Not Every Band Gets a 50th Anniversary Celebration. Here's Who Could, but Won't


Editor's note: Since Oct. 6, 2012 (the 50th anniversary of the release of the Beatles' debut single "Love Me Do," we've been on a half-century celebration cycle in which we are scheduled to relive every Beatles innovation, every release of the Beatles' landmark career in real time, right until the inevitable 50th anniversary of their breakup in 2020. But what other long-forgotten anniversaries are being overshadowed by the Fab Four (Again?) To answer that question, we present another installment in this series: "The 50th Anniversary of Something Else."

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Thus far in the Beatles American Chronicles, there had not yet been a day like June 6, 1964.

That was the day that "Love Me Do" (that first Fab Four single we already celebrated the 50th anniversary of over a year and a half ago) lost its last bit of staying power and dipped down to a No. 2 slot while its flipside "PS I Love You" peaked at No. 10. With Meet the Beatles and The Beatles' Second Album winding down at numbers 6 and 4 on the album charts, and Introducing the Beatles enjoying its first week of quiet outside the Top 10, there was no Beatles record at 33 or 45 rpm topping a chart here or in England the week of June 6, 1964. Nor would there be another No. 1 until the release of "A Hard Day's Night" single and LP in mid-July.

That left Americans wide open for a viable alternative to the Fab Four. In this unforeseeable lull of Liverpudlian activity, surely someone did something we should be celebrating a 50th anniversary of this month. But who? Let's examine the candidates and find out why no one is celebrating their 50th Anniversary of Something Else at this moment.

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