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"At the beginning, [the interest] was mostly a 'wow' factor. People were surprised like, 'Oh, I never thought of that. That's weird that a band would play video game music live,'" Burke says.

For listeners, 1980s and '90s nostalgia is a huge part of the appeal of a band like Minibosses, but nostalgia didn't figure into why Burke initially wanted to cover Nintendo music. What fascinated him was these songs' composition and purpose: They were created under the restraints of extremely limited technology, resulting in short, simple melodies that looped in perpetuity.

"I love the idea of a composer [having] the guidelines that he or she were possibly given: 'Here's the level. This is the kind of feel we want. Write something that's 90 seconds, that repeats, that's not going to make someone kill themselves,'" Burke says. "For games like Zelda and Metroid, I've logged hundreds of hours, and I never, ever get sick of those songs, and that was super-fascinating to me."

Burke emphasizes the notion of having fun -- especially when it comes to concerts -- as the main reason Minibosses remains active. The band isn't the priority in Burke's life today that it once was, what with he and other members also participating in projects like Sweetbleeders and ROAR. While history shows that Minibosses is a crucial name in a genre that's since totally blown up -- YouTube is saturated with 8-bit interpretations of conventional songs and creative covers of video game tunes from all eras -- Burke hesitates to call his band pioneers.

"Probably, technically, we were, but I would never throw that in anybody's face because if we didn't do it, someone else would've," he says. "We were pretty early in it, but I don't really think that we created something out of nothing. It was going to happen anyway."

Minibosses are scheduled to perform 
Friday, June 6, at Crescent Ballroom.

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Crescent Ballroom

308 N. 2nd Ave., Phoenix, AZ

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Lo Fullerton
Lo Fullerton

My wallet had a picture of an nes controller XD

Up On The Sun
Up On The Sun

I wonder how many people bring NES controllers to their shows

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