25 Best Metro Phoenix Concerts in June

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One More Time - A Tribute to Daft Punk is scheduled to perform on Friday, June 6, and Saturday, June 7, at Crescent Ballroom.

Feeling warm? Don't let it get to you...seriously. Look, we know you're miserable now that the heat's really kicking in, but just crank up the A/C, grab a ice-cold beverage, and think happy thoughts. You can't stay inside all the time, especially there is many an excellent show to see during the month of June.

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There are 25, in fact, that we'd recommend you check out over the next few weeks, and (thankfully) none of 'em are in the great outdoors.

One More Time - Friday, June 6, and Saturday, June 7 - Crescent Ballroom

Is there room for two Daft Punks in the world? Really, there's barely room for the one, at least psychically -- but One More Time found a tribute-band-shaped space somewhere in there and managed to cram in their own Daft Punk light-up pyramid. Founded well before the release of Random Access Memories, One More Time keep the Alive 2007 era, well, alive in 2013, delivering what will one day be called the "classic" Daft Punk live experience. They got all the details handled, including some particularly deft costume changes, and they come with enough power to push through an hour-plus set of Daft Punk hits, sleeper hits and even some original remixes. Harder better faster stronger? Well, definitely hard and fast and strong enough. -- Chris Ziegler

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