I Went to Phoenix Comicon to Learn About Raves, and All I Saw Was a PowerPoint

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Benjamin Leatherman
Some ravers from Bubble Bobble 6. Full slideshow here.

Phoenix Comicon is currently going on, and the "Premier Pop Culture Experience" in the Southwest is really delivering this year with more vendors, more cosplays, and more music based events. One such event was Friday's "Raving Is Fun" panel. The way it was described in the Comicon programing guide was "Learn everything you need to know to get started raving. We'll talk about everything from what to wear, music, dancing, and more! The Renegades will show you how to make the most of your rave experience. You don't want to miss this panel!"

So I thought the panel would be discussing the local rave scene. From what I understand Phoenix has steadily maintained a solid scene for the Candy Kids, and though it occurred to me that Comicon promoting underground parties seemed weird, I overruled the thought by thinking about how many anime tie-ins there are in the rave scene, and the fact that everyone loves dark rooms with strobe lights, right?

I expected an 18-year-old decked in beaded jewelry to lead the panel, to tell me where to scope out all the best underground dance parties, and how to seamlessly blend into them, me being the non-raver that I am. At the very least, I was hoping to have a good chuckle at a rave promoter struggling to maintain sanity while leading the panel on MDMA.

I know, it was stupid to expect that, but what I found was just bizarre. The discussion had nothing to do with the local rave scene, or any rave "scene" for that matter, and was instead more of a procedural on attending the official Comicon rave.

The panel started, as all quality presentations do, with the lights being turned out to set the mood (to obtain that drug-induced orgasmic euphoria that rave culture is known for.) This was to accommodate the PowerPoint presentation. That's right drugs, sex, and PowerPoint presentations.

Upon finding out about the PowerPoint presentation I became apprehensive. There was just no way that the gatekeepers to the hedonistic paradise that are local raves would use a PowerPoint presentation. But then the first panelist spoke and he said, "We are going to talk about how much fun raving is," and of course I was sold once again that this group of renegades would show me the way to where the candy kids roam.

They began by talking about the different types of music one might encounter at a rave. Their list included electronica, dubstep, techno, trance, hardcore trance, and "many many more." So this seemed once again like a good omen. They knew the names of a bunch of different styles of music; they had to be deep in the scene. No matter how out of place they seemed discussing underground dance parties.

Following the brief discussion of music, which did not include the playing of clips of Bassnectar's remix/ to "Light" by Elie Goulding, or "Ravers Fantasy" by Tune Up as promised, the discussion, and the PowerPoint, switched to glowsticks.

This is when I really began losing faith in the panelists. First and foremost they did not bring any glowsticks, and from what I've seen of people in the rave scene, they are always ready with some light-up toys, maybe even some fire juggling. But thanks to a nice furry in an army costume who happened to bring some, the panel was ready to roll (not in the drug sense, of course -- more on that later).

The sole male panelist discussed how to properly duel wield the tiny plastic cylinders of light, and taught the crowd some basic glow stick "tricks" like the "outline," which was simply running the glowstick in one hand along the opposite arm and over the head, and the "flurry," which involved moving your hands in a circular motion while holding the glowsticks.

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i can tell you as a lifelong nerd who has gone to many panels and cons over the years that PHX CC has quite a knack for having a lot of embarrassing/ too-insular panels. so 'you just dont know cons' isnt really a valid dismissal. i KNOW cons, and can tell you with years of experience that these panels can be often poorly planned/ listed in a misleading manner/ etc etc


There are a lot of yuppies with Stanford Prison Experiment syndrome running panels and coordination at things like these. It's their one chance all year to put other geeks in their place and feel superior.


lol! Of course it was about con raves. I guess because you are not a nerd you wouldn't know that. I can't believe you actually thought for even a moment they would do that.For con raves, it was a pretty good presentation. You would be surprised how often the no nos mentioned above happen. I love the Renegades! They are fairly funny and crazy. Now if you wanted obscenity,because you obviously expect a convention-approved panel to please your dirty drug habits, you should try 18 and up panels. They don't encourage the crazy shit, but some con attendees will give it to ya.

I am a little offended that you trashed on  a good panel. The lack of music I heard was disappointing, but other than that, it was a decent panel. I'm sure its just that you don't know cons. Please do talk to the audience members or even the panelists next time.


While I enjoy the coverage, I find it hysterical, that you went to a convention. (You know a publicly open place, where there are strict codes to upkeep, and cops, security of 3 forms, and a strict procedure on what kind of things you can discuss in a panel) Expecting to go in, a wide broadcast event, and find out where and how to procure illicit (also understood as ILLEGAL) drugs, and attend dances of the same nature. The Renegades despite their known role as rule breakers and trouble makers, still uphold a standard of conduct, and wouldn't be caught dead making such an obscene breach in policy. Maybe for future endeavors you should put a little more time into your role as an investigative journalist. And investigate the actual rave, or interview some of the attendees of said panel or even the panelists. Thank you for your time, and better luck next time. 

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