Pop Music Gets its Day at Trunk Space

As for Glasspopcorn, he's a local, hailing from Tempe, and he's barely old enough to drive. He makes hip-hop, but it's different, mixed at odd levels and layered over dark and hypnotic beats.

One of the things that kept people away from shows at Trunk Space before was lack of air conditioning. This year, however, Mullarkey says that the venue finally has that to keep everyone cool during shows.

The P.O.P. Convention isn't the only festival happening in June.

"I had four shows in a row booked June 21-24 that had multiple touring bands, so I said 'Hey, that's a four-day festival, right?'" Mullarkey says. "So I decided to call it June rules. It'll be over 20 bands of the course of four days. Just trying to make every show special."

P.O.P. Convention II is scheduled on Saturday, June 7, at Trunk Space.

For the list of shows coming up in June, click here

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