Pop Music Gets its Day at Trunk Space

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Artist's Bandcamp page
Snow Wite, who is performing at Trunk Space on June 7.

The Trunk Space in Phoenix is geared toward many musical audiences that are fans of punk rock and experimental bands.

Mullarkey, Trunk Space's volunteer booking agent, who declined to give a first or last name, says that many of the upcoming shows are from bands reaching out to the venue to play.

"We're getting requests from all these bands that submit to our website and some of them are so good that I have to grab them," Mullarkey says.

Some of those bands might turn out to be pop bands, even.

The first festival on Trunk Space's itinerary this year is P.O.P Convention II on June 7. This show puts several artists together to celebrate the genre of pop in its many different forms. The night is set to feature Snow Wite, Watercolor Paintings, Glasspopcorn, Hi My Names is Ryan, and The Blank Waves.

Snow Wite, one the bands performing, hails from Los Angeles, California. The band has a nostalgic feel. The song "Secret" has a very late-'80s to early-'90s feel to it that would work well in the opening credits of movies Sixteen Candles.

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