4 Locally Released Tapes of 2014 You Should Hear

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Honorable Mention: Solid Brown - Tape EP (self-release)


It's always refreshing to see a band not take themselves too seriously but stop short of being a gimmick. Solid Brown pulls off this subtly iconoclastic maneuver quite well by releasing their first EP on compact disc under the title Tape. The statement kills two birds with one stone in terms of poignancy: firstly pointing out the fact that 90 percent of the time people don't listen to the physical tapes -- they buy and just jam it on Bandcamp or YouTube (I myself am guilty of this at times) -- and secondly, as soon as something becomes too inflated within the mainstream it begins to lose its pizzazz so to speak; I mean, Limp Bizkit just put out a cassette-only release. All that aside, this demo also happens to rule. Awesome shoegaze-tinged bedroom rock that's guaranteed to knock anyone's good mood down a peg or two. Reminds me of Low only loaded up with tranquilizers playing songs half their length. The art is fitting as well -- a human face dissolving into a pixilated blur -- and each copy comes with a personalized insert with a message from the band.

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Tom Adikes
Tom Adikes

Using tapes in 2014, when CD's are almost free? Good luck, hipsters.


sorry, no comment. I'm always disappointed with "local" as it pertains to phoenix and my mommy told me that if I don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

DavidAccomazzo moderator

@cameron Well, that makes you more polite than 99% of Internet commenters, so kudos for you.

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