4 Locally Released Tapes of 2014 You Should Hear

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Humiliation - Demo '14 (Anxiety Machine Records)


From the first track on this demo onward you come to understand immediately that Humiliation is holding absolutely nothing back. They nail some of the most crucial points in hardcore dead on: seething aggression, uncompromising creative vision, and scathing delivery. This band has tapping into a sound that's become more and more sparse in hardcore, following the footsteps of progressive bands like Cold Sweat, Die Kreuzen, and Rorschach. For a relatively new band this is certainly starting out with its best foot forward. I'm excited to see how they progress in the near future.

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Tom Adikes
Tom Adikes

Using tapes in 2014, when CD's are almost free? Good luck, hipsters.


sorry, no comment. I'm always disappointed with "local" as it pertains to phoenix and my mommy told me that if I don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

DavidAccomazzo moderator

@cameron Well, that makes you more polite than 99% of Internet commenters, so kudos for you.

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