4 Locally Released Tapes of 2014 You Should Hear

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Though independent cassette releases have been a fixture in the underground for decades, the format has been steadily on the rise to mainstream prominence in recent years. As we arrive at the halfway mark of 2014 we decided to recap some of the better local releases since the year turned over.

Dross - Tape III (Absenter Records)


This is as pure as Depressive Black Metal gets. Bouncing off of references like Hypothermia, Xasthur, and Silencer, Dross is a band driven by honesty and progress and executes their miserable task with surgical exactitude. Tape III collapses in on itself with relentless, atmospheric dirges topped with miserable, wallowing vocals fit for a torture chamber. Released via the burgeoning Absenter Records, this tape is a collection of the group's first two releases that are long out of print. This is the class of music that makes you want to drive to the nearest garage, roll the windows down, and breathe deep: the soundtrack to utter futility, driven with the undeniable alienation that stems from living in a wasteland of scorching concrete and blight. Excellent.

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Tom Adikes
Tom Adikes

Using tapes in 2014, when CD's are almost free? Good luck, hipsters.


sorry, no comment. I'm always disappointed with "local" as it pertains to phoenix and my mommy told me that if I don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

DavidAccomazzo moderator

@cameron Well, that makes you more polite than 99% of Internet commenters, so kudos for you.

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