8 Must-See Concerts in Metro Phoenix This Weekend, 5/13 to 5/15

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Aceyalone is an underground hip-hop titan, and he's playing Hidden House Sunday.

There were so many rad concerts going on this weekend we couldn't just choose just five. Here are eight, ranging from hip-hop to metal to Americana to psych-rock.

If you're picky, you can always try our comprehensive concert listings. Stay cool this weekend, Phoenix.

Failure - Friday, June 13 - Marquee Theatre

Once upon the '90s, there was an underrated melodic grunge band named Failure. When it was seven years old and touring its third album, Fantastic Planet, the group fell off its proverbial horse. Its members subsequently wandered the music industry's topography during a 15-year hiatus that ended February. And there's more good news for Failure fans: Singer-guitarist Ken Andrews says there will be a happily-ever-after album released in 2015. The guys in the band have stayed busy since the group unplugged its amps. Andrews took on producing credits for ON, Pete Yorn, and Candlebox. The remaining members went on to play in numerous bands, including Queens of the Stone Age and A Perfect Circle. The sudden interest in the band seems to have surprised Edwards. "I think the surprising thing is the audience reaction, the amount of singing that's going on. They're just there -- every beat, every note, every word," he says. "For me, it's very easy to get bored and distracted onstage. My mind can wander, and it's hard to stay in the moment. That might seem funny, but that's how it's always been. On this tour, every time I look up, the audience keeps me in the moment." --Amanda Ventura

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since when is tuesday, wednesday and thursday considered a weekend?


The photo of the red car in front of the green building is great.  Anyone know where that is?

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