6 Obscure James Taylor Facts To Get You Ready for His Phoenix Concert

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Paul Keleher, via Wikipedia Commons
James Taylor is playing US Airways Center on Tuesday, June 10.

It seems likely that, back in 1968 when James Taylor signed to Apple records for his first album as an aspiring singer-songwriter, he would have happily -- willfully -- consented to an interview with any publication that would have him. Ah, what good old days those must have been, because 2014 finds Taylor, who is performing at US Airways Center on Tuesday, June 10, bigger than his britches and not interested in doing interviews. What a shame that fame should make him so inaccessible. To be fair, maybe there is something else that prevents him from taking interviews, perhaps the surprising, inherent shyness that Taylor shows on videos of television interviews?

Oh, but the things I would have asked him ... about the Beatles, ex-wife Carly Simon, the musical competitiveness with siblings, his lengthy drug addiction, and his botching of the national anthem at the World Series. But since I can't, we'll have to settle for snapshots of these subjects from man who told Dick Cavett in 1977 that he "was going to be a chemist, but took a left turn and ended up in New York."

So, how did he get here?

Luck, Luck, Luck ... All You Need Is Luck

James Taylor was the first non-English artist signed to the Beatles' Apple label. This was in 1968, when he managed to get his demo into the hands of Peter Asher, of Peter and Gordon fame, and an A&R man at Apple. Asher presented the songs to Paul McCartney who, clearly, heard something in Taylor. McCartney and George Harrison both appear on "Carolina in My Mind" from his poorly received self-titled debut solo album. It wasn't enough to keep him on the label, however. When Apple began an internal shakeup, Taylor returned to the states.

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Wow! You have really gotten the facts wrong regarding Carly Simon and James Taylor. They are all over each others albums  from 1973 through 1979.They had 3 hit single duets and many supporting appearances on those albums. To compare a CS/JT album to a Cher/Allman album is pretty ridiculous. It's really too bad they did not make an album together populated by duets and solo performances.

Marilyn Ostrow
Marilyn Ostrow

I had a roommate years ago who babysat for JT & Carly's kids.

Marilyn Ostrow
Marilyn Ostrow

these are HARDLY "obscure" facts to any James Taylor fan, or indeed probably anyone older than 40 or so.


The snark in this piece is mind numbing, JT probably wise to skip out on the interview

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