5 Must-See Concerts This Weekend, 6/20 - 6/22

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Charity is the name of the game this weekend. Check out Fight Club Sadisco*, a brutal night involving fistfights and industrial music where proceeds will go to pay the cancer bills of one of the its founders, and Independents Bowl, a bowling tournament benefiting a local charity. If live music sounds too loud for you, you can always check out one of the greatest concert films of all time, Stop Making Sense, which is screening Sunday at the Phoenix Center for the Arts. But don't take our word for it -- check out our comprehensive concert listings here for more options than you can shake your giant suit at.

Sage Francis - Friday, June 20 - Crescent Ballroom

What do you say about a performer like Sage Francis? He plays with words? He slays them? He engages his audience using a medium that rarely witnesses such a truly spectacular mastery of the vernacular? His repertoire of rhetoric is frenetic, authentic, and polemic while being transcendent, resplendent, and a true harbinger of the independent? You could say all of those things, of course, but he'd do it better. Sage Francis is a hip-hop poet laureate, and when you listen and watch, it is easy to forget what you know about the genre because he envelopes his audience with genuine -- maybe genius -- skill and love for language. We're lucky to get him in such an intimate venue on this tour in support of his new record, Copper Gone, which is completely amazing, by the way. The Rhode Island native, who once recorded for punk rock imprint Epitaph Records, runs his own label and writes music and poetry while supporting artists he loves and respects. He's a visionary renaissance man with an industrial size vocabulary, and for one hot night in Phoenix, he is entirely ours to enjoy. --Tom Reardon

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Pub Rock

8005 E. Roosevelt St., Scottsdale, AZ

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Let It Roll Bowl

8925 N. 12th St., Phoenix, AZ

Category: General

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