5 Must-See Concerts This Week, 6/16 to 6/19

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Papa - Tuesday, June 17 - Crescent Ballroom

The band is named Papa, but really it's founder Darren Weiss' baby -- the one constant through years of his participating in other musicians' projects, including a much-loved band called Girls, and now finally the total focus of Weiss' musical life. Recent debut full-length Tender Madness is a crazy-but-it-works mix of Springsteen-ian hard-times arena rock and sentiment ("Don't it feel right to be held in the arms," Weiss asks, "of a rich and white American man?") and bands Springsteen probably secretly likes, like the early Stooges and mid-period Pixies. What does this mean to you? Big beats and guitar, lyrics that make you feel as if we'll make it together if we make it at all, and fireworks choruses that'll make you shout and cry at the same time. This is a headlining gig, and they'll headline the hell out of it, I'm sure. -- Chris Ziegler

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Michael Treatch
Michael Treatch

Don't forget The Big Fish Pub Closing Party on Friday June 20th with Beauty and the Treatch.


Rodney Crowel at the MIM

Tyler Day
Tyler Day

wrong must see concert is CES CRU at Club Red / Red Owl cant wait

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