5 Must-See Concerts This Week, 6/16 to 6/19

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Electric Six - Monday, June 16 - Crescent Ballroom

Maybe it's best to start with a short list of things that Electric Six are not: measured, restrained, self-serious. If you're looking for those qualities, you're way better off listening to your Radiohead albums for the thousandth time. Forget highbrow -- E6's tempos, lyrics, and riffs are laser-guided directly to that animal part of your brain that only wants to get laid and start fires. The band have a surprising work ethic and release an album almost every year, but their music revels mostly in an adolescent, cartoonish take on sex (try to find the Eric Wareheim-directed video for "Body Shot"). E6 want you to show up at their keg party, but only if you're taking your top off. -- Ian Traas

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Michael Treatch
Michael Treatch

Don't forget The Big Fish Pub Closing Party on Friday June 20th with Beauty and the Treatch.


Rodney Crowel at the MIM

Tyler Day
Tyler Day

wrong must see concert is CES CRU at Club Red / Red Owl cant wait

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