5 Freshly Released Local Songs You Should Hear

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Jeff Niemoeller Photography.
The Limit Club: This ain't no love song

"When You Burn (You're Gonna Scream)," The Limit Club

The Limit Club's "When You Burn (You're Gonna Scream)" is about a person battling with alternate personalities and struggling with their ego. Thankfull, there's a light at the end of the tunnel, and the band, along with co-directors Jeff Niemoeller and Ryan Hale, conveyed that sentiment in their new music video for the track. The video lights up random band members in the dark, until viewers are treated to a full band performance by the end -- including unique moves by drummer/percussionist Juan Carlos.

"Juan has a playing style that is atypical of the rockabilly or punk rock scene," singer/guitarist Nick Feratu says. "He stands up while playing and always ads a bit of personal spcie to our songs. 'When You Burn (You're Gonna Scream)' was inspired by Latin percussion, shaking guitars and dancing people." Indeed, this catchy track might inspire some moves of your own. "Some music scenes can be so rigid and uninspired," Feratu says. "It's time to shake things up."

The song is the first release from the band's upcoming Wild Four EP, which will be pressed on red vinyl and released in August. Catch the band on tour to support the EP before they head on their second European tour in 2015.

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