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Adrian Michaels: Getting ready for a trip to paradise

"Mykonos (Original Mix)," by Adrian Michaels

In honor of his upcoming summer DJ trip to Greece, Adrian Michaels crafted a track he describes as outdoorsy and over-the-top -- one that "might go over well when everyone's peaking on the beach," he says. "'Mykonos' [sound] doesn't really fall in line with the commercial dance trends that are big right now in the U.S., and that was sort of my goal in its composition. It's more of a big, liberating type of track, really visceral and intense. When I hear it, I picture fire twirling and bright lights and maybe even native-type dancing outdoors, so I would hope this song gives people a sense of freedom, connection to our own universal energy and the music itself." Catch Michaels spin every third Saturday at 8 p.m. on Scottsdale Nights Radio.

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