5 Freshly Released Local Songs You Should Hear

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PRMR: "Keep an open mind when it comes to the odd"

From house to rap, one of the coolest things about Phoenix's music scene is there's an abundance of variety constantly being released. Check out five songs from local artists released in May that should make you proud of the diverse Phoenix music scene.

"Killing the Langoliers," PRMR

PRMR pairs electronic dance music beats with passionate hip-hop, giving fans of all genres something to latch on to. The inspiration for "Killing the Langoliers" ranges from "the juxtaposition of modern inner-city turmoil and futuristic cyberpunk dreams" to "eating fast food while driving at 3 a.m. on a rainy night, and steering the wheel with your knee 'cause you're flipping through the car stereo," says vocalist/guitarist/synth player David Jackman. "We hope people keep an open mind when it comes to the odd, obscure, or non-standard, whether it's music, film, visual art, etc. When it comes to discovering, we should leave our shallow waters, dig deep and explore the vast colorful shared worlds that exist among us." Find it on the band's newly released album, Antennae.

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