5 Dad-Rock Albums Your Father Loves (And You Should, Too)

The cover for Steve Miller Band's Fly Like An Eagle

Let's face it: "Dad rock" isn't really a positive term. It has an ugly suburban connotation, the sort of music that triggers nostalgia in the minivan on the way to soccer practice of the days before marriage and children shattered his independence.

Abe Simpson swung pretty close to the definition in this classic Simpsons moment, after a teenage Homer defiantly declares his father to not be "with it":

"I used to be 'with it.' They they changed what 'it' was. Now what I'm 'with' isn't 'it.' And what's 'it' seems weird and scary to me."

"Dad rock" is the "it" your father used to be with.

But with Father's Day approaching this Sunday, it's time to give dad-rock its due. After all, they call it "classic rock" for a reason. In the music of your father's youth lie undisputed classics, bands that are absolute must-knows for any serious music listener. So, in honor of dads anywhere, here are some albums that your dad loves and that if you don't already, you should, too.

Steve Miller Band - Fly Like an Eagle

Steve Miller doesn't get much critical respect these days, often the first choice when music writers need a generic, classic-rock punching bag. But Fly Like an Eagle has some really strong moments. The title track starts with a laid-back guitar riff and continues into a psychedelic-influenced groove that's sort of like the Corona with lime of music: Yeah, sure, there are much more interesting beers out there, but who's going to complain if you get handed one? The album contains hints of Miller's blues roots, and contained three songs -- the title track, "Take the Money and Run," and "Rock'n Me" -- that continue to dominate both classic rock radio and suburban barbecues to this day. Your dad loves this album because it was everywhere during his youth: this thing went platinum four times, and it was probably on in the background during many of his formative years.

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Um....damn boomers....again.....yer GRANDPAS now....get it through your heads...lol

Cream?   Man.....NONONO....not for DAD.  Maybe for Grandpa.

DAD?  Yer better go further up the pike there....80s and 90s maybe?  

Perhaps you're still assuming that Baby Boomers are also the only people having kids in the 80s and 90s.....

80s U2.....Police......Motley Crew.....Bon Jovi.....

90s....Oasis....Foo Fighters.....Nirvana.....Black Crowes....GNR....

Dads contemporary generation....

Is more likely Gen X.....not baby boomer.

I wonder how old the writer is?

Either not old enough to know better....or....yep...it's another boomer  grandpa trying to hang on to his youth...

Please....put your tongue in your cheek....

But....it's about right...

Arj Narayan
Arj Narayan

Oops I thought u were talkin about Homer and Bart. I rescind my comment.

Arj Narayan
Arj Narayan

Dave it's Homer Simpson not Abe Simpson. Also if u mention the simpsons you should find a clip of Homer's band.

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