Wet Electric 2014 in 30 Animated GIFs

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Photo and clips by Benjamin Leatherman
Moving and grooving at Wet Electric 2014.
Considering that the operative word in EDM is "dance," it shouldn't come as any surprise that a helluva lot of movement tends to happen whenever tracks from the genre get played. It doesn't matter if it's happening at a club, in your car, or even in the shower, when the beats start flowing, people start moving.

And that proves to be especially true at EDM massives such as the most recent Wet Electric festival where thousands are induced to dance by the sounds being laid down.

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We saw a lot of people shuffling, shaking, jumping, and bumping during the two-day event at both Tempe's Big Surf and Scottsdale's Talking Stick Resort and got clips of some of the funkiest and funniest dancing taking place, which we present to you in animated GIF form.

 photo MOV02477_zpsf89276f0.gif

BoHo A Go-Go
She moves in mysterious ways

 photo MOV02488_zpsc45d5583.gif

Hand Jive
Finger pistols followed by a wave and some poppin' and locking. Pimp.

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