Top Five Concerts To See This Weekend, 5/9 - 5/11

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Jim Louvau
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There are so many options for concerts this week. Diversity -- that's what Phoenix's music scene is offering. Like hair metal? Catch Skid Row and Black Star Riders on Friday. Goth DJ nights? We got that, too. Punk? Indie rock? Stoner metal godfathers? Yup; yeah; and yes, please. Check out these five concerts should you feel the urge to complain about having nothing to do this weekend.

Black Star Riders - Friday, May 9 - Marquee Theatre

In September 2011, Damon Johnson was given the opportunity of his lifetime.

As a longtime Thin Lizzy fan, he was asked to join the band as full-time guitarist. At that point though, the last lineup of the legendary band decided to record new material under a different name, sort of like the "next evolution of Thin Lizzy."

So Thin Lizzy alumni Ricky Warwick (guitar, vocals), Johnson (guitar), Marco Mendoza (bass) and the addition of drummer Jimmy Degrasso (Alice Cooper, Megadeth, Suicidal Tendency) decided to found Black Star Riders. The band released its debut album in 2013, and the response from old Thin Lizzy fans and new fans of hard rock was positive and enthusiastic -- to say the least. --Lauren Wise

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