5 Must-See Concerts in Metro Phoenix This Week, 5/19 - 5/22

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Chris Karns, world-class DJ, plays Yucca Tap Room Thursday night.

Perhaps you stepped outside this morning and started sweating. Summer is coming, reverse Game of Thrones-style, and as the temperature starts ratcheting up, relief from the heat will come in smaller and smaller windows each day. That said, it's still quite pleasant at night, and you can catch anything from British garage rock to transgender-fronted punk to world-class DJs this week in Phoenix. Life ain't bad -- yet.

You can always check out many more events over at our comprehensive concert listings.

Holly Golightly - Rips Ales & Cocktails - Monday, May 19

If there is any such thing as garage rock royalty, Holly Golightly certainly must be a member. Lo-fi before there was such a thing, and cool from the get-go, Ms. Golightly visits Phoenix for the very first time with her backing band, The Brokeoffs (which is really just one guy, Holly's partner, Lawyer Dave). Golightly first made a name for herself as part of Thee Headcoatees, which were connected at the hip to Billy Childish's Thee Headcoats during the '90s. Over the years, the British songwriter has been prolific in her output of seven-inch singles, full-length records, and multiple collaborations, and her sound has always been raw, yet rootsy, with garage rock overtones and fantastic lyrics that will make you laugh and cringe at the same time. This show will charm the tapered pants off of folks who enjoy using terms like "alt-country" or "the digital Delta," and there may not be a hipper show in Phoenix this heat season, let alone May. --Tom Reardon

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