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NEEDTOBREATHE are scheduled to play the Marquee Theatre on Monday, May 5. 

As Taylor Swift's tourmates, finding Billboard success and as the winners of multiple Gospel Music Association Dove Awards, NEEDTOBREATHE make for quite the musical intersection. With a driving blend of faith-infused rock, the South Carolinian trio of bassist Seth Bolt, vocalist Bear Rinehart and guitarist Bo Rinehart have garnered fans from all walks of life, finding the greatest success with 2011's The Reckoning. Now with a fresh release behind them, last month's Rivers In The Wasteland, the three are back on the road and playing to crowds that are as ravenous as ever. We spoke to Bolt ahead of NEEDTOBREATHE's set at the Marquee Theatre on Monday, May 5.

As you have an education from Full Sail in music engineering and your own studio, how intrinsic was having that much creative reign early on to the band's sound?

I think it honestly had a really big impact in a couple ways. On one hand, we kind of learned every wrong way to do it at first. We had absolutely no idea what we were doing; we were just trying really hard to get the sound that we had in our heads through the speakers somehow. But it was fertile ground for me as an engineer and for us as a band. I think it was in that way that we kind of found our formula for songwriting and music production. Bear and Bo write so many really great songs, a lot of them that never see the light of day, but they're really prolific writers.

With the success of The Reckoning, did you guys feel like that was the turning point to your exposure, the moment where the band found its traction with a bigger market?

I think I had that feeling a little bit earlier. The Reckoning came out after we were already on tour with Taylor Swift, and I had that feeling that maybe what we had put out there stuck enough that this could be a longer career than most bands get to have. What made me feel that way, in part, was [that] we were touring across the country and going back to all the same places we had played 15 times each. All of a sudden, there were lines around the block and the venues were sold out. We always thought that that was the turning point where you can tell that something's happening -- you can't really put your finger on what it is exactly, other than the fact that you've just kind of been doing it and putting in the work. We hadn't had a mega, Top 40 hit or something like that, so it was really cool to see the fans connect to something that we had started above my dad's garage.

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