5 Must-See Local Music Videos

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Luna Aura - "Too Young Too Die"

Matty Steinkamp, owner of local label Sundawg Records, has a particular talent for creating memorable and utterly watchable visual feasts to accompany the songs of Phoenix artists. To wit: the video for "Killing Me" by decker. captured the emotional battlefield of a tempestuous relationship while his vision for Dry River Yacht Club's "The Legend of El Tigre" followed the band participating in the annual All Souls Procession in Tucson was shot in documentary fashion with handheld cameras that we couldn't get enough of seeing.

Such is the case with Steinkamp's video for newly arrived local songstress Luna Aura and her debut track "Too Young Too Die." It's an enticing mélange of a trippy ambient beatscape of "cosmic hip-hop electronica" produced by Aura that's accentuated with her sumptuously entrancing vocals. The ambling visuals conjured by Steinkamp of the gorgeously glam singer prancing about in finery and tiaras are befitting of the laidback nature of the song, the first off her upcoming EP, which focuses on the trappings, gleeful freedom, and ineffectual nature of youth.

Japhy's Descent - "Owl"

Okay, we admit to being suckers for both hand-drawn animation in music videos (dating back to the days of "Take On Me" by A-ha) as well as anything having to do with owls. (It's a noble bird of prey, dammit, regardless of how much its been embraced by the hipster crowd.) Such a creature, rendered in black and white ink-like lines, gazes into your soul and is emblematic of sorts for the earnest, emotionally tinged rock song's metaphorical use of birds and flight to symbolize relationships. The rest of the animation from the video is also quite excellent.

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