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A screenshot from Luna Aura's "Too Young To Die"
Creating an interesting, engaging, or exciting music video is no easy trick. In some ways, it sometimes can be as challenging as creating the song that its showcasing. While the audio end is covered, filmmakers or video creators have to conjure up a visual representation of the track being featured that either compliments, interprets, or accentuates it while telling a story of sorts and being an work of art on its own.

And if you're a local band, things get even more complicated given the limited resources that one has at their disposal. Everyone would love to make something as spectacular or grandiose as that bizarrely unforgettable video for "Turn Down for What," but don't have cash to burn.

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However, if you've got access to a visionary filmmaker who's able to create a memorable music vid on a shoestring budget, sometimes the results can be excellent. The following five music videos that were released by local acts and artists over the last couple months are perfect examples of such and are worth watching. At the very least, each will only take up three minutes or so of your time.

"Two Weeks" - Mouse Powell

The music videos starring this Tempe hip-hop artist and resident emcee for the Blunt Club go beyond featuring his latest track. A definite sense of place and location is encapsulated in each, almost like a video diary of sorts that captures a slice of his life at a certain moment. In 2012, the excellent vid for "Holding Home" showed off arts and culture landmarks from around the Valley while Powell raps about being proud to be from Arizona.

With "Two Weeks," he covers the pressure and stress of being away from home while touring and counting the hours before he's reunited with his loved ones ("Torn between a decision, a destination, and a wife"). The video is filled with footage from life on the road and being in far-flung destinations that's mixed with halcyon-like imagery of good times with friends and family, It's emblematic of the often lonely life of a performer who's where he wants to be professionally, but maybe not personally.

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