Music for Running: A Guide to the Perfect Playlist

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The Hit-Lover

Try: "The Edge of Glory" by Lady Gaga

It starts with a heartbeat and it leaves you hanging on the edge with a sax solo by the late Clarence Clemmons. It's the perfect song to get a rush out of you and running headlong into flames. It also contains the perfect lyrics for anyone crossing the finish line for the first time.

Avoid: "Roar" by Katy Perry

You're better off listening to "Eye Of The Tiger" than listen to Perry use every cliché in the book to talk about how she survived a divorce that everyone knew would happen but her. It lacks everything you need to move, including inspiration.

Treadmill Lover

Try: "45:33" by LCD Soundsystem

Nike commissioned James Murphy and his band of merry musicians to create a track perfect for working out on the treadmill. The result was a 46 minute space opera that covers every aspect of a running workout, including the warm-up and cool down. It's also got a great sense of humor to keep you interested.

Starting Line Anthem

Try: "Don't Stop Me" by Queen

This song perfect encapsulates why I love running. I want to have a real good time. I want to feel alive. I'm a racing car moving around like Lady Godiva, so please don't stop me at all. It's the perfect anthem for moving ahead of the pack.

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